My Totally Not Communist Blog.

A Blog of Social Democratic, Legal and Political Stuff.


Hello. My name is Totally Not A Communist and this is my blog.

As you may gather from the name this blog is atypical. It is not a blog for showing off photos of breakfasts, nor will it give health advice. It instead serves as a place for me to keep a record of my opinions, ideas, theories and thought in my two loves – Law and Politics – so that I can look back and see how I have changed and, also perhaps, give you a bit of food for thought as well.

Every week I take time out from my studies to think of a topic, ranging from Brexit to Principles in Politics, type it up throughout the week and publish it on Sunday morning, so if you fancy a look at those, click the Blog button on the menu above and have a look!

Also, as the name may suggest, this is not a Communist blog. It is Social Democratic. The name may sound sarcastic, but unlike myself in real-life, it actually is very much the truth.

Thank you for reading this little piece and I hope you’ll stick around!

Take care!