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About Me


You have reached the About Me page of My Totally Not Communist Blog and, first things first, my name is obviously not Totally Not A Communist. In reality, outside of the internet, I am actually called Dom and am currently studying at Sixth Form College, with a keen eye for Law at University. As my Hello page says, this blog is primarily for me to write down my opinions and evaluations of things such as law, politics and ethics and that’s all true. I find all of those things interesting. That doesn’t particularly make me interesting in real-life but luckily you’ll likely never meet me there.

Secondly, you may wonder why there’s a picture of Clement Attlee at the top of this page. Obviously I am not actually Clement Attlee, but I feel he gives an accurate interpretation of me: steeped in Labour politics, sounding posh and looking a bit nerdy.

That’s all I can think of to tell you for now but maybe in the future, I’ll add a bit more. If I do anything worth noting that is.